San Juan Custom Orders



It all started back in the 60’s when Ken Adler had just won the 1965 World Championships in Pery and decided to open the San Juan Factory. Surfers from down and up the coast started coming to Byron Bay for work.

The San Juan factory was the largest surfboard manufacturer in the Northern Rivers at this time and ended up employing a few of today’s most legendary shapers and glassers such as Wayne Lynch, Bob McTavish, Russel Hughes, John Thomas, Wayne Williams, Frank Latta, Neal Purchase, Peter Cornish, Bob Rasby, John Blanch, Nat Young, Tony Cerff, Brian Ingham and Dennis Anderson and Mark Platter.

This was the starting point of over 60 years of incredible surfboard craft that has laid the foundation for many of the most famous and most successful Byron Bay surfboard brands.

Surfection offers custom and “off the shelf” San Juan Surfboards made in Byron Bay by Matt Crisp, Mark Plater and Bruno “Buzz” Buzzolan.

We offer Twin fins, midlenghts and longboards straight of the shelf but we are also happy to customize your board to suit you. We can also do replicas.

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