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This is Donald and Nat’s modern day take on the board “Sam” that Nat rode to victory in the 1966 World Championships in San Diego. Slightly wider in the nose than the original, and a little more volume in the rails mean this board is much more forgiving than the original. Rolled bottom the whole way through, this board is a perfect middle ground between the Model T and the Pig. Noserides like a dream and can do full rail turns when pushed hard enough. If you love the Model T, but just want something that rides a little more old school, or want a rolled bottom longboard that isn’t quite as gnarly as the Pig or the Jacobs, then this is the perfect board for you.

Wave Height| 1-3 ft

Drive/Speed| 5/5

Paddle Power| 5/5

Maneouvrability| 3/5


Board Dimensions

9'4" x 23" x 2 7/8"

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