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The MR Carbon Wrap Retro Pro is one of Mark Richards most popular Retro models. This faithful recreation of one of MR's favourite twin fins was known as a 'magic' contest board originally shaped in the early part of 1980. It features an outline template with plenty of forward area, making it a dream to paddle. It's classic wing-swallow tail shape reduces the tail area to give the board holding power through turns while the fluted wing adds bite and reduces slide when turning. The deep-V bottom gets the board flowing from rail to rail and it is generally an all round fast, loose, and a 'blast from the past' type board. The feedback on this model is 100% positive with everyone remarking how well it goes today using a 30 year old design.


Wave Height| 3-6 ft

Drive/Speed| 5/5

Paddle Power| 4/5

Maneuverability| 5/5


Board Dimensions

Lengths from 5'7" to 6'3"


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